Vivida Healing

SPECIAL ITEM .. SPECIAL VORTEX ... I only have 50 of them! READ BELOW!

These 50 Energy Facilitator Coins were charged at the North slope of Bell Rock in this Sedona Arizona VORTEX.


Energy vortexes, often referred to as energy centers or power spots, are locations in nature where the Earth's energy is believed to be amplified and concentrated. In these areas, the energy is thought to flow in a spiraling, swirling motion, creating a powerful and dynamic force. This energy is said to be a combination of the Earth's energy and universal life force energy.

Vortex sites are considered conduits for spiritual connection. Whether it's a connection to nature, the divine, or one's inner self, these places offer a space for contemplation, self-discovery and spiritual experience. Spending time in the tranquil setting of an energy vortex is also known to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Sedona's vortexes are more than just geological wonders — they represent a convergence of natural beauty and spiritual significance. Whether you seek clarity, emotional healing, personal empowerment, or a deeper connection with the spiritual world, Sedona's vortex sites offer an opportunity to experience all of this transformative energy.

If you are a follower of Bashar, you know his energy is above the Bell Rock Vortex. Bell Rock is reputed to have very strong vortex energy and many feel the strongest energy is located on Bell Rock’s north slope, exactly where these coins were charged!

Attributes: Bell Rock is associated with masculine energy, which is often described as dynamic, active and empowering. It can enhance qualities such as self-confidence, assertiveness, and personal strength. So not only is your coin charged with the 528hz frequencies it is also charged with POWERFUL VORTEX energy!

Experience: Visitors often report feeling energized and motivated at Bell Rock. It's a place where you might feel more focused and ready to take on challenges. Many people hike to Bell Rock to experience its uplifting energy.

I felt chills and shivers from head to toe! Other photos, I took of Bell Rock and a selfie of me at Bell Rock!