Vivida Healing


I am a Clairvoyant Medium since the age of three. I have been guided through my dreams to make these Energy Facilitator coins.

The Guides, who also guide me through readings, came to me in a multitude of dreams.  I also believe my deceased gramma had her hand in it too.

The world needs more love and even if you feel that you are not connected to someone, you can still send love. In fact, you can send love to anyone, anywhere in the World at anytime!

Not only can you send love to an individual, you can also send LOVE ENERGY to an event!

We sometime sit and wonder, "What can I do?  I wish I could do something."  NOW YOU CAN! You can do it over and over, as long as you raise your vibration in your heart space to send love.  It's infinite.

In these troubled times of horrific weather events devastating cities, war torn countries, and when we already have our hands to our hearts, this little device will assist YOU in sending LOVE ENERGY in a very rapid manner. 

This item responds much like that of prayer beads and the rosary only FASTER.  YOU are in control, you and the energy you have in your heart.

I'm certain that you are aware that when you raise your energy to send LOVE, you raise not only the energy of the person you are sending it to, but others around you!

This Energy Facilitator is 100% copper, charged with pure 528Hz frequency tone and rested on a Tesla's Tachyon Plate for seven days.  Steeped in symbolic meaning from GOD, THE UNIVERSE, ANGELS and NUMEROLOGY.

(details and instructions are in the packaging)

MORE are coming, so stay tuned!