Vivida Healing

SPECIAL ITEM!! Charged Coins at the Chapel of the Holy Cross..READ BELOW!

I ONLY HAVE 50 of them! These coins were charged at the feminine healing energy of the VORTEX located at The Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex


Energy vortexes, often referred to as energy centers or power spots, are locations in nature where the Earth's energy is believed to be amplified and concentrated. In these areas, the energy is thought to flow in a spiraling, swirling motion, creating a powerful and dynamic force. This energy is said to be a combination of the Earth's energy and universal life force energy.

Vortex sites are considered conduits for spiritual connection. Whether it's a connection to nature, the divine, or one's inner self, these places offer a space for contemplation, self-discovery and spiritual experience. Spending time in the tranquil setting of an energy vortex is also known to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Sedona's vortexes are more than just geological wonders — they represent a convergence of natural beauty and spiritual significance. Whether you seek clarity, emotional healing, personal empowerment, or a deeper connection with the spiritual world, Sedona's vortex sites offer an opportunity to experience all of this transformative energy.

Energetic Quality: Sacred and Tranquil Energy

Attributes: The Chapel of the Holy Cross is believed to have a subtle yet sacred feminine energy that comes from the ground. It's a place of reverence and peace, often associated with spiritual connection and reflection.

Experience: Visitors come to The Chapel of the Holy Cross for a sense of spiritual serenity and contemplation. It's a location where you might feel a deep sense of inner peace and a connection to the sacred.The Chapel of the Holy Cross

Built into the red rocks, The Chapel of the Holy Cross was actually inspired by a visit by sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude to the Empire State Building, when a cross appeared before her eyes within the structure. The chapel the epiphany inspired was officially dedicated in 1957 and overlooks Sedona. Despite it being a Christian monument, it's believed to be full of vortex energy. Either way, it’s a stunning place to visit.

I took the photos shown, I charged the coins at the vortex just beyond the path at the side of the church where the path turns up, that is where I felt the energy of that VORTEX. I also blessed these coins with HOLY WATER from this church. I was there for that blessing of the water and brought some home.

The man who drove the carts said to me, "I'm not supposed to talk about the VORTEX here, you know due to religions beliefs here, but I have see some miraculous things."