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SENDING LOVE Energetic Facilitator

SENDING LOVE Energetic Facilitator

An energetically charged facilitator to assist you in sending the energy of LOVE to anyone or any event at anytime, anywhere in the world! "Love transcends distance! Send your love vibrations across space and time, bridging the gaps between souls. Experience the profound connection that comes from sending love energy to those who matter most."

Rich in symbolic GOD-Universal-Angelic and Numeric meaning, the booklet included explains it all!

Made of 100% pure copper and charged with the frequency of 528hz "The LOVE and MIRACLES vibration, and rested SEVEN days on Tesla's Tachyon Plate utilizing the 3-6-9 solfeggio scale and priced modestly to allow for use by the masses, this facilitator is ready to GO!

This facilitator will assist you in sending RAPID LOVE energy to those near and dear to your heart as well as causes and events that are occurring in this rapidly changing WORLD.

You will use this over and over. When you raise your vibrational energy to send love, you affect others in a positive energetic way. Complete Instructions Included.

Be Calm and Send Love