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Protection Angel Sigil Pendant

Protection Angel Sigil Pendant

Front and Back View

Many people have asked me to bless them, bless others and ask how to protect from someone CASTING negative energy toward them. When I used the words to create this symbol, I was surprised to see that the sigil looks like an angel, taking energy in, transposing it and sending it out. The ring around her represents the bubble of protection around you.

Don’t let toxic people bring you down, send their negativity directly back to them or transpose it to the Universe. Just say their name and repeat the words and the negative energy will be sent away from you. This little angel is super blessed covering all religious and Universal belief systems. She has been blessed under a Venus Enhanced New Moon, infused with the protective energy of the Seven Saints, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Dad the Protector, Gris-Gris and prayed over with love energy by three energy healers.

Charged with 417 hz pure tone energy for 7 days starting at 3;33pm and ending at 4:44pm , a pure tone at 417 Hz produces powerful vibrations that have a healing effect on the brain. It marks the start of new beginners and is able to undo negative happenings. 333 and 444 are protection numbers.

This sigil is a very POWERFUL PROTECTION piece about the size of a nickel. Wear it as a necklace. It has been clear coated to avoid the reaction often found with copper and the chemicals of the skin.

I'll toss in a FREE key ring just in case you want to carry one with your keys